Cantina mexicana

Cantina Mexicana – Mexican journey through the world of flavours
Mexico . The third largest country in Latin America is extremely colourful and varied . The diverse landscape – from vast deserts , over mountains , volcanoes and tropical forests to endless sandy beaches on the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea . A diverse culture – the land was marked by a highly developed civilization of the Maya , Toltec , Zapotec and ultimately the Aztecs , who succumbed to the Spanish conquerors . Today , Mexico is a mix of American- Indian and Spanish cultures . And of Mexican cuisine , which was marked by people who have lived in their area, is also diverse. Journey through Mexico is therefore also an exploration of many less known or even unknown tastes. Every region of this great country hides its specialties . The cuisine is still changing.

Characteristics of Mexican cuisine
Most Mexicans will tell you that there is no real meal without beans and tortillas . It’s true. The basis of Mexican food is certainly the corn, which was domesticated in Mexican soil six or seven thousand years ago . From unleavened dough made of corn they make special pancakes – tortillas, that accompany most of the dishes. Corn tortilla is also the basis for tacos and tortilla corn chips . Otherwise, Mexican food is accompanied by a number of fresh ingredients and a variety of spices (the most famous is doubtless chili) , which are used as a side dish to the main courses such as burritos , fajitas and enchiladas – those are traditionally served with rice and beans.

Exploration begins at home ( in the Cantina Mexicana )
Those who wish to explore a variety of Mexican flavors and enjoy them , no longer need to go to Mexico. Mexican restaurants found their place on the old continent a long time ago, a few years ago also in Slovenia . Cantina Mexicana , which opened its door on Tuesday, September 23rd 2003 in the former club Primadonna , is a perfect completion to Knafelj passage, where is already the location of popular pub Cutty Sark and restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine As .
The restaurant will adjust to the taste of guests. At their request , food can be served less spicy than usual.
The head chef of our gastro company has been schooled in Zagreb, where is the location of the first mexican restaurant in former Yugoslavia , and in restaurant Sierra madre in Berlin. Based on the knowledge he has obtained, he and his team prepared a number of recipes of their own and impressed the team in restaurant Sierra Madre, so they have arranged a cook exchange twice a year.

Temperamental Mexican partyVarious Mexican flavours can be explored on the ground floor of Cantina Mexicana till 12.30 am. On the first floor , which was once a nightclub, you can enjoy the colored mexican ambient with the sound of temperamental mexican music, cocktails, which will be prepared by the first class barman team,that will also provide a free style shows and the promotion of various mexican drinks – first of all : tequila!