COCKTAILS Sweet, refreshing, special, for children, for lovers, for manly men or for gentle female soul … of all colors and tastes … something for everybody. However, in case you don’t find anything of your taste, we can also mix your own special recipe. PINA COLADA white rum, malibu, coconut syrup… PASSION COSMO vodka tangerine,…

barbecue table

BARBECUE TABLE Cantina Mexicana is the first, and so far the only Mexican restaurant in Ljubljana, which offers its guests a barbecue table. Ideal for men to prove you are the best in grilling steaks. Wonderful for women to show their men, who really makes the best steaks. And great for mixed companies – to…


FAJITA FAJITA Popular Tex-Mex dish, served in the iron pan with various salsas and tortillas. FAJITA GUADALAJARA chicken, zucchini, pepper, onion, corn FAJITA VEGETARIANA onion, pepper, corn, zucchini, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, champignones FAJITA TIJUANA rump fillet, chicken, corn, onion, pepper, zucchini FAJITA CHICANO turkey in bbq sauce, corn, pepper, onion, apple


Welcome to Cantina! CANTINA MEXICANA has been pampering its guests with Mexican cuisine, a wide range of drinks and a playful Latin temperament, FOR 19 YEARS. Cantina in 360 view!

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Due to the always pleasant atmosphere, colourful interior and relaxed staff, it is a popular gathering place for young and also more experienced eaters. A wide selection of Mexican dishes, well-plated plates, the wide range of lunches and unbeatable cocktails are the reasons why our guests love to come back and try new dishes. As…